Postgresql Suport & Consulting

Postgresql Support and Consulting Services

We provide Postgresql support and consulting services to corporates looking for for assistance with their production Postgresql servers  or who require consulting advice as they migrate to Postgresql and wish to gain maximum leverage from all the features and benefits that Postgresql has to offer.

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Reduce Risk and Improve Assurance for Postgres Infrastructure

Our team of experienced Postgresql support engineers is just the solution enterprise have been looking for to provide assurance and  reduce risk when it comes to deploying and leveraging Postgresql in your mission critical applications.

Ensuring you architect your solutions correctly to fully leverage the benefits of migrating to Postgres is of critical importance.

Our Clients

Our Clients






Postgresql Support Contracts

Postgresql Support Contracts

We offer 4 types of Postgresql support contracts, namely:

  • Asset based  -  a  fixed per server price for maintenance and troubleshooting,
  • Time based -   a set number of hours of support purchased per month,
  • Retainer based - pay a monthly fee and accumulate hours for when they are needed
  • Ad-hoc - pay a hourly rate for support when needed  

Asset Based Support Contract

Our asset based contracts cover standard maintenance, patching and troubleshooting of Postgresql with a charge per server hosting a Postgres cluster. This support covers routine, predictable tasks for production systems such as maintaining backups, replication , minor version upgrades etc. Our support is offered 09:00-17:00 (UTC+2hrs).   

As part of the contract a list of standard tasks will be draw up and form the basis of the service to be provided.

Asset Based Support Pricing

Should you require extended support outside business hours please contact us for pricing.

Number of Servers Duration Price Per Server Total Contract Price
2 12 months 6,000 12,000
3 12 months 5,500 16,500
4 12 months 4,500 18,000
5 12 months 4,000 20,000
5+ 12 months 300/additional server over 5 20,000 + 300/additional server


Time Based Support Contract

When the Postgres support you require is not simply maintenance and monitoring, but may involve more complex tasks such as setting up of a new cluster, data  migration or the implementation of new Postgresql extensions  then a time based contract will suit your needs. 

If you need assistance on an ongoing basis to spin up servers for dev and test or have an ongoing project to migrate production systems this contract might suit your requirements.

A time based contract entitles you to a maximum number of support hours per month. Purchased hours expire at the end of the month. Instead of buying hours however you buy points that expire at a predefined rate per hour depending on level of support required and priority.

Time Based Support Pricing

Item Bronze Silver Gold
Response Time      
Support Hours Business Hours 09:00 - 17:00 Business Hours 09:00 - 17:00 Business Hours 09:00 - 17:00
Type of Support Phone Phone, Remote Phone, Remote, Onsite
Number of points 8 16 45
Price 6,300 12,800 30,000

Points are used up at a standard rate per hour depending on the priority of the support.  A medium priority support ticket uses 1 point per hour.

Time Consumed Per Priority Point

Priority Level Point/Hour Response Time
Low 0.8 4 days
Medium 1 11 day
High 1.5 4 hours
Critical 2 2 hours


Retainer Based Support Contract

Our retainer based support contract requires the payment of a standard monthly fee for a set number of hours each month. Unused hours per month  accumulate to a maximum balance determined by contract. The balance may be used up in one month if required.

Retainer Hours Max Balance Support Hours Response Time
Bronze 8 16 Business Hours 09-17:00  3 day
Siver 16 32 Business Hours 09-17:00 2 days
Gold 24 48 Business Hours 09-17:00 1 day


For 24x7 support or different support response times and support hours please contact us.

Ad Hoc Support

Our ad hoc support response times are based on best effort. Our hourly rate is An upfront contract is signed to ensure there is no delay when a call is logged.



All prices exclude VAT

About Us

About Us

Jumping Bean is an open source integration and training company that has been delivering solutions to customers for over 20 years.


Our services include:

Jumping Bean Services
  • SLA support
  • Adhoc support
  • Hardening
  • Solutions architecture
  • SLA based support
  • Implementation support
  • Solutions Architecture
  • Performance tuning
  • Advisory services
  • Implemenation support
  • Consulting
  • SLA support
  • Training
Big Data
  • Google & AWS Big Data support
  • Data flow architecture
  • Implementation support
  • Training
  • Advisory Services
  • SOC service
  • Security Audits & Reviews
  • Training
Software Development
  • Mobile Apps
  • Enterprise Apps

Cloud Consulting

  • Migration
  • Cloud provider support
  • Work flow architecture
  • Automation
  • Big Data
  • Containerisation

Long-Term Partnerships

We build long relationships with our customers which helps us better  understand their needs and offer customised solutions and training to meet their business requirements.

Our clients include large and small businesses in South Africa and across the globe.  We offer both remote and on-site support.

Passion for Technology

We are passionate about open source and love living on the bleeding edge of technology innovation. Our customers lean our our practical experience with emerging technologies to ensure they get the benefits of early adopters and avoid the pitfalls.

Postgresql Consulting

Postgresql Consulting

Postgresql has a large array of features and functionality that is constantly evolving to incorporate the latest trends in data persistence.

Leverage the Features of Postgresql for Competitive Advantage

Whether its key value stores, like Big Table, or NOSQL, document orientated databases Postgresql rapidly assimilates the best features and characteristics of the latest trends and offers them on a stable, tried and tested platform.

Postgresql is not limited to providing traditional relational database services but can offer developers the convenience of key value stores and no sql databases and many other features.

Your development team no longer needs to be constrained by its database server but have the facilities to leverage the latest trends in software development and architecture.

Improve Query Performance and Build More Robust Functions

Whether its how to leverage these new Postgresql features, write performant functions, improve query time with appropriate indices and indices types or offload read operations to stand by servers our consultants will be able to assist.

Fail Over, Back Ups or Read Replicas and Security

Setting up replication and fail over, point-in-time recovery, or establishing best security practice when it comes to securing your Postgresql database is as easy as talking to one of our consultants.

Postgresql Consulting Pricing

We charge an hourly consulting rate of R950/hr (ex vat) for longer term engagements we negotiate more favourable rates depending on the level of expertise and time required for the project.

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